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JILI will hold a activity “Super Star”. All winning prizes are borne by game provider. The game provider opens all players to participate, so there is no need to reply specifically to participate or not. Thank you.

  1. How to play: Players will use the Single Game Maximum Winning Score as a competition item to rank the leaderboard.
  2. The event rewards are the item cards, use the item card to enter the Free Game. The game will be selected at random by the system, please go to the corresponding game to use!
  3. Log in to the event specified game and the system will allocate players to the specific competition based on their LV levels
  1. System announced even time shall take precedence.
  2. Item cards do not guarantee rewards, and is time-limited, please click on the backpack (icon) to use them.
  3. Players can participate in this event as long as they have played “Event Specified Games” during the event period, and satisfies the event criteria, no extra application required.
  4. The rankings are updated every 5 minutes. If ranked players have the same Total Win, the one who “Bet Early” will be ranked ahead
  5. Event reward will be automatically sent to the player’s backpack within 12 hours after the event is over.
  6. Under special circumstances, the Casino reserves the right to modify, change or suspend this event.
  7. The Casino reserves the right to the final interpretation on any objections and issues arise from this event, for any questions, please contact the Casino’s online customer service.
  8. Changes made during the event that affect the competition tier of the player will be reflected in the next event.

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